The Arrangement

"Anticipation of pleasure is, in itself, a very considerable pleasure."

The Phoenix metropolitan valley is my home, and I do not “tour.” However, I am happy to FMTY and connect via a sponsored visit (see below).

Please understand that my consultation fees are for time and companionship only and are non-negotiable. Please see my FAQ page for deposit and cancellation information. Ready for a rendezvous? Complete my Screening & Appointment Request form now!

Historically, I offered a “Come as You Are” discount. As a low-volume provider and moonlighter, I do not live “date ready” (to the standards I ascribe to what some might call “high end” companionship, although I have been told my standards are excessively high) in my everyday life. This has meant date preparation–hair, nails, lashes, the whole shebang–needed to begin long before a rendezvous. Setting this time aside to prepare meant needing to make accommodations in other areas of my day-to-day life, so I began offering the “Come as You Are” discount, which meant getting me, sans date prep. No lashes, no manicured nails, no curled hair or flawless makeup; no designer clothes, no fancy lingerie. Just me, as I am. Maybe I’d be in jeans and a baseball hat; maybe yoga pants, tennis shoes, and a ponytail; maybe a summer dress and flip-flops. I’d bring the same great personality and attention, without the extra trappings. Over time, I’ve come to realize that this is what most of my good friends actually prefer. So, rather than offering a “Come as You Are” discount, I now offer a “Dress it Up” option. I’m always open to receiving special requests (and I’m obviously not going to show up to a nice restaurant in athleisure or to a nice event in flip flops), but if all the extra “polishing” is appealing to you, you’ll want to add the “Dress it Up” option.

All rates listed below are for outcall appointments. I do not maintain a personal incall. Incall appointments can be arranged with advanced notice.

 * Overnight dates require 7 hours of restful sleep.


  • 1 Hour $1,400
  • 2 Hours $1,900 ($950/hr)
  • 3 Hours $2,475 ($825/hr)

    We can begin with cocktails or a meal, then escape from the public eye.

  • 4 Hours $2,900 ($725/hr)

    We'll turn on our senses with a delectable breakfast, lunch, or dinner date (at a restaurant of your choosing), then take our time finding our own incognito delights.

  • 6 Hours $3,750 ($625/hr)

    Ideal for the gentleman who wants to enjoy a deeper connection.

  • 12 Hours * $6,000 ($500/hr)

    An intimate rendezvous, dusk to dawn. A full evening together, restful sleep, and rising together in the morning.

  • 18 Hours * $7,650 ($425/hr)
  • 24 Hours * $9,600 ($400/hr)
  • 48 Hours * $15,600 ($325/hr)
  • > 48 Hours * Inquire

    An extended adventure.

  • Fly Me To You (FMTY) Inquire

    Is Phoenix not on the horizon of your travel plans? Fly me exclusively to you, with a 4 hour minimum to western US cities and 6 hour minimum to eastern US cities. FMTY rates are the same as local rates, plus the cost of my travel (a supplemental fee may be required for trips requiring extensive travel time).

  • Sponsored Visit Inquire

    Entice me to visit your city. 3 hour minimum to western US cities and 4 hour minimum to eastern US cities. Rates are the same as local rates, plus travel costs. Booking a sponsored visit is contingent upon my other activities in your city.

  • "Dress it Up" $350

    Sometimes the MILF next door is even better with some extra sprucing up! If aesthetic attention to detail tickles your fancy, this option is for you. This guarantees I'll show up manicured, pedicured, primped, and polished.


  • Pampered Paradise

    Book a couples spa service (minimum 90 minutes) at a luxury spa of your choosing in the Phoenix metropolitan area. This date is inclusive of all spa time (spa services paid separately to the spa), and an additional three hours together.

  • Poolside Paramour

    I love pool time! Catch some rays, relax, read a book, chat, and people-watch with me by your side. I'll bring the suntan lotion to help with those hard-to-reach spots! 2 hours of poolside time, plus 20% off my regular rates if you desire additional time together sans UV exposure.

  • Ski With Me

    Any FMTY involving ski time receives 15% off my regular rates.

  • All-Inclusive Mid Day Getaway
    $3,300 / $3,725 / $4,200

    Want to see me but don't want to do the planning? This is your "easy button!" This package includes: (1) airport pickup (between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.); (2) our brunch, lunch, or dinner reservation; (3) our hotel; (4) 3, 4, or 5 non-driving hours together; and (5) airport drop off (between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.).