"To find pleasure, and then nourish and sustain it, is a basic demand of life and without it existence becomes dull, stupid, lonely and meaningless."

Intoxicants: Because I seek to create the best possible connection during our time together, drugs or excessive drinking are not tolerated.
Discretion: Please do not discuss my gratuity at any time before or during our time together (including via phone, text, or email). My rates are clearly listed, based on the amount of time you want to enjoy together.

Payment: Before our date, please place the appropriate gratuity in an unmarked, unsealed envelope in the restroom. If our appointment begins in a public place, place the gratuity in a small gift bag and provide it within the first 15 minutes of our meeting. Any reference to the gratuity or specific details about our encounter will result in immediate termination of our date.

New-To-Me Suitors: For my safety, I will always verify your identity by requesting to see your ID when we meet. If we meet in a public place, subtly placing your ID in my view within the first 15 minutes of our meeting will save me the awkwardness of having to ask, and is very much appreciated.